Friday, February 19, 2010

We're almost half way there

What a blessing the internet has been. Matt has been able to check in each night and he and I get some time to chat.

Tonight he posted this:
Interesting first day. God is already holding my feet to the fire when it comes to keeping my own interests and motivations in the back seat to what He's got going on. That being said, I'm anticipating some cool stuff tomorrow. I've got plenty of pictures so far, so I'll get those up after we get back. Weather here has been really good. Not too hot actually. Sure wish I was better at the language around here. Would love to communicate with the people better. Oh, well....maybe I'll pick up a few things in my short time here. Went to chapel this morning at the hospital. The Haitian pastor spoke on Psalm 60:1-5. Look it up. Never thought I would witness Old Testament application this directly before. Then he went on to read Isaiah 41:10. The whole thing was very, very cool. Ok, enough for today. Hope to have more to share tomorrow!

I can't tell you how awesome God is for allowing us this ability to stay connected, it makes being apart for so long bearable. I'm gonna try to post some pictures a team mate took but I don't know if I'll be able to. The kids and I have been busy working on a surprise for Matt... shhhh, don't tell. Thanks for all the prayers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unexpected blessing!

I just heard my sweeties voice! Two of the guys on the trip (Zach and Dylan) have phone service in Haiti. Matt was able to call me from Cap Haitian and share some great information with me. They actually spent the night with a team heading home from Dessalines that told them things were almost back to normal there. Apparently Dessalines hasn't seen much of the human destruction that the area around Port-au-Prince has. There will be lots of work for them to do but the danger is very limited. Please continue to pray for safety as they will be doing construction/ electrical work. I don't know at this time what kind of interaction they will have with people outside of the medical compound but prayers for spiritual safety are welcome too.
Thank you Jesus for covering us all and for answering my hearts cry to hear his voice.

He's there, well at least in route...

Matt posted on Facebook today:
Woke up to the sounds of the city of Santiago in the Dominican this morning...pretty neat.shortly we'll be headed out to catch the bus for the trip into Haiti. No cell phone access (stupid Sprint) but might some wireless access occassionally. Will keep everyone updated as best I can. Thanks for the prayers and God bless!

Thank you all for prayers, God has me filling the house with his word this morning, I'm going to combat the anxiety the best way I know how.

Today the kids and I have some plans today and we're eating dinner with family. Matt will be traveling across the Dominican Republic, please pray for ease as they cross the boarder into Haiti and for the long trip ahead of them today. If you want to get an idea of the distance got to a map site, they are traveling from Santiago to Cap Haitian today.

4 AM on Wednesday morning...

yup, I'm up. I waasn't going to blog till I heard from Matt but I still haven't. I bet you can imagine how I feel about that. I actually fell asleep around 1:30 but woke back up at 3:30 and finally gave up any pretense of my brain shutting back down. I had to come out here and check on line for any indication of plane crashes or other news that could account for not hearing anything. They were supposed to get into the Dominican around 9:30 and even if that was EST it wouldn't have been too late to call, so I'm praying that everyone's phones were dead or didn't have coverage and that the laptop they took couldn't connect. I don't think I would be freaking out except fot the fact that he made a point to say he'd let me know when they got there. I don't expect to hear from him much this week and I'm okay with that. I just didn't think this first night would be so hard. I know God is with me (and Matt) but it's hard to feel his presence with my imagination running rampent and in overtime. I'm so greatful for the bible verses popcorning in my brain but I just need answers and some peace. Lord hear my prayers.

For those of you praying:
They should be traveling to Cap Haitian in Northern Haiti tomorrow and need prayers for ease as they cross the boarder. It's a long drive and so prayers for comfort are needed to. On this side, please pray that some kind of connection gets made and that God restores peace to my heart and head.

Thank you for your love and prayers. S

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 starts with an amazing trip for Matt

Matt is on his way to Haiti, they have a long couple of days trip ahead of them but the final destination is Dessalines Haiti where they will be doing restoration to a medical complex that Central Baptist supports. I plan to blog each night to let him know how we are doing here at home and any of you know what I hear from him about his trip so far.

Today pray for safe travel as they go from Austin to the Dominican Republic (Santiago). It's a long day full of hours of waiting in multiple airports. Pray for patience and that the team bonds and enjoys each other company. Also pray for time alone with God for each of the men as they head to a place of darkness.

See you later tonight with hopefully something productive to report.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009... a year we will never forget.

A year in review:
Ethan turned 9, the last of the single digit years and Serah turned 7.
The kids and I finished out one year at the Academy and then we headed back home to homeschooling.
We took trips to;
Alabama to spend time with Grand Tacon and Ladye,
Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico with two great families... we had so much fun we're thinking of making it an annual event,
Surfside beach to enjoy a fabulous week with the Cook/Waters clan,
And traveled through 8 states on a round trip Thanksgiving vacation that totally blessed us (we spent a week most of the time in North Carolina with the Guys).
We've been on a journey of discovery of what God has planned for our family spiritually and what church will look like for us.
We found out we were expecting another child and lost it to heaven in 4 days.
We've experienced some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows of our lives this year but our God has carried us through and hopefully we've learned some things along the way.
We've been blessed by the joy of traveling through this life with friends and family that are as real with us as we are with them. We know God is on his throne and has our family in his hands.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The year the kids ruled Christmas

We let the kids decorate the tree themselves this year... hope you enjoy the masterpiece they created!