Sunday, September 14, 2008

yeah I know it's September but I have a good excuse I promise

So we have had some major changes in our lives. The kids are now attending Round Rock Christian Academy. To to this I have gone back to work... the cool part I'm at the Academy too. But it has really changed the way we do things. We're all in bed earlier now and I'm up by 6 each morning. I know this doesn't seem early for most of you but I haven't gotten up that early each day for a long time. It's been 8 years since I've worked outside the home and it's been the hardest for me. The kids love it! Serah is in Kinder with Mrs. Smith. She is the only one in her class from our church so she is having to reach out and meet new people which is good for her. Also we have her in Kinder because of her lack of desire to read. This means she is ahead of the class in most of the other things and that's good for her since she has been following behind her brother and I think it has influenced the way she learns. We are praying that this is a catch up year for her and next year she'll move on up to 2nd with her peers but if not she'll be fine. Ethan is in 3rd with Mrs. Biggs and loving it! He isn't necessarily the smartest and that is really good for him. He is going to have to push himself, it won't all come easy like it has in the past. His days are full of new things and he even recently learned the S'hima, a Hebrew blessing, in Bible class.
I didn't get pictures from the first day of school but I promise to take one soon of them in their uniform. We know God has set this new direction in front of us and has a great plan for us with it. We're trusting him to guide us and give us the strength and joy we need each day. I will try to do better about updating this more often. See you soon. S