Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ethan's baptism

Ethan's baptism will be on June 1st during the second service (11:00). Matt will baptise him. We all are excited about this step of obedience on Ethan's part. He is pretty nervous about being up in front of the whole church but I think having his daddy there is a big help.
If you are wondering Ethan prayed his own special prayer to accept Christ as his saviour on February 12th in the morning. We hope you can be there to celebrate with us. If you can't please take a few minutes to leave a comment for him. I want to have a special place for him to hear how much everyone loves him.

Ethan's decision

A little over a month ago Ethan prayed with Matt and I to ask Jesus to be Lord of his life. We knew he was nervous about being baptised so have allowed him to wait awhile to talk with us and to grow some. Today we go to meet with Pastor Tom about planning his baptism. I so desire for Ethan a full mature walk with the Lord. I know that today's step of obedience is the first of many. Please join us in praying for him daily and his continued growth in his walk with God.