Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4 AM on Wednesday morning...

yup, I'm up. I waasn't going to blog till I heard from Matt but I still haven't. I bet you can imagine how I feel about that. I actually fell asleep around 1:30 but woke back up at 3:30 and finally gave up any pretense of my brain shutting back down. I had to come out here and check on line for any indication of plane crashes or other news that could account for not hearing anything. They were supposed to get into the Dominican around 9:30 and even if that was EST it wouldn't have been too late to call, so I'm praying that everyone's phones were dead or didn't have coverage and that the laptop they took couldn't connect. I don't think I would be freaking out except fot the fact that he made a point to say he'd let me know when they got there. I don't expect to hear from him much this week and I'm okay with that. I just didn't think this first night would be so hard. I know God is with me (and Matt) but it's hard to feel his presence with my imagination running rampent and in overtime. I'm so greatful for the bible verses popcorning in my brain but I just need answers and some peace. Lord hear my prayers.

For those of you praying:
They should be traveling to Cap Haitian in Northern Haiti tomorrow and need prayers for ease as they cross the boarder. It's a long drive and so prayers for comfort are needed to. On this side, please pray that some kind of connection gets made and that God restores peace to my heart and head.

Thank you for your love and prayers. S

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