Friday, February 19, 2010

We're almost half way there

What a blessing the internet has been. Matt has been able to check in each night and he and I get some time to chat.

Tonight he posted this:
Interesting first day. God is already holding my feet to the fire when it comes to keeping my own interests and motivations in the back seat to what He's got going on. That being said, I'm anticipating some cool stuff tomorrow. I've got plenty of pictures so far, so I'll get those up after we get back. Weather here has been really good. Not too hot actually. Sure wish I was better at the language around here. Would love to communicate with the people better. Oh, well....maybe I'll pick up a few things in my short time here. Went to chapel this morning at the hospital. The Haitian pastor spoke on Psalm 60:1-5. Look it up. Never thought I would witness Old Testament application this directly before. Then he went on to read Isaiah 41:10. The whole thing was very, very cool. Ok, enough for today. Hope to have more to share tomorrow!

I can't tell you how awesome God is for allowing us this ability to stay connected, it makes being apart for so long bearable. I'm gonna try to post some pictures a team mate took but I don't know if I'll be able to. The kids and I have been busy working on a surprise for Matt... shhhh, don't tell. Thanks for all the prayers.

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